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Wrist wallets

Here we take a look at the incredibly handy wrist wallet. We will explore some of the many uses of this versatile product as a well as the features the wrist wallet has to offer.

Today's generation is always on the go. We are invariably on the lookout for something adventurous and exciting. We are constantly striving to do activities that keep us healthy and fit, as well as provide us with Instagram-worthy memories. However, nobody wants to tug bags on such adrenaline-charged trips; we like going hands-free.

So how do we go hands-free when we cannot remain out of sight of our phone even for a minute? In addition to that, plastic money (read credit cards) is a necessity along with certain essential documents whenever we are on the go. All these bare essentials lead to a bag, or a bulging pocket which often end up curbing your movement, especially if you are going for a run, or cycling, or horse riding, or even in your everyday state of affairs.

So the latest invention to cure our maladies is the wrist wallet.

It is an intriguing new product in the market bought to you by Smartbackpacks.

wrist wallet

So, if you are bewildered thinking about the ways this product might pack a punch, keep reading as we discuss the intricacies of the wrist wallet.


This is a one-stop online portal for all the tech-savvy people, who always look forward to products featuring the latest technology that can assist in making their life much more comfortable. They have pioneered the smart backpack genre, and have satisfies customers across the globe. In their quest to offer products which make our lives easier, they have come up with their latest offering, a unique wrist wallet.

What is a wrist wallet?

A wrist wallet is nothing different than the traditional wallet, but as the name suggests, you wear it on your wrist. Arm bands could accommodate only your smart phone or iPod, but a wrist wallet is spacious enough allowing you to store all your basic necessities like credit cards, a smart phone and even important papers.

Advantages of the wrist wallet over arm bands

An arm band can only accommodate your smart phone while you go for a run, but the wrist wallet with its sewn zipper, can hold essential items like credit card, money and documents.

So, while an arm band has very limited use, the wrist band can be worn for different occasions with your belongings within your arms reach, literally.

Features of the wrist wallet

  1. This product is made of extremely light weight material and is not bulky at all.
  2. It is Velcro free.
  3. It can accommodate a phone of any phone size. It is made of stretchy material that can fit big screens along with their cases effortlessly.
  4. No adjustment is required, since it fits snugly on your forearm.
  5. There is a hidden zipper in the bank where you can keep your essential belongings.
  6. There is a space to even attach your earphones, for ease of communication which also allows you to groove while you are on the move.
  7. It is extremely compact and has a moderate dimension of 8-9cm by 12cm.
  8. Made of breathable fabric.
wrist wallet

Ease of wearing

Wearing an arm band is extremely cumbersome, as they are heavy and can become extremely uncomfortable, with the users constantly tugging at it due to the fabric. Along with this, its bulky structure makes it slip off quite often. The wrist wallet is made up of a lightweight fabric, which sits snugly and fits according to the users’ physicality.

The wrist wallet doesn’t make use of any Velcro, so there is no pinching of the skin, and is concentrated on providing the maximum comfort, so that it feels like a second skin.

It is quite easy to wear; all you need to do is slip it on, and you are good to go!

wrist wallet

Where can you use it?

  • While on the go- going about your daily chores, carrying a bag is often inconvenient. Till now you would try to stuff it all inside your jeans pocket, which is of no good too, since the new age smart phones do not really fit into our pockets and even they do, they create an awkward bulge. Phones or credit cards get lost, as we often put our bags down or take it out from the pocket to sit down and then forget to pick it up.

Fret no more! With the wrist wallet, you can conveniently have your essentials, tucked inside it, and can carry-on with your chores without being bothered about them getting lost, and always have them handy for use.

  • While out for a run/ jog- till now, whenever we went for a run, our only accessory was the arm band carrying our phone. But emergency always comes unannounced, and it is imperative to carry some money and your identification along with you when you are not at home. If you keep things in your pocket while on the run, they are sure to end up on the sidewalk. The wrist wallet allows you to store your phone, cash or card and id, and allow you to enjoy a relaxing run.
  • Horse riding- horse riding is extremely regal and enjoyable and allows you a taste of adventure. But how do you capture the picturesque view or click a selfie while riding, since horse riding attires do not have pockets and a backpack is not a feasible option. The wrist wallet will be a convenient solution to your problem here.
  • While cycling- cycling is an extremely good exercise but not when you are weighted down by a heavy bag, now carry your important belonging on your hand while still being hands free with the latest offering by smartbackpacks.net.
  • Everyday use- while going shopping, or for a dinner or while hanging out with friends and family, you do not have to worry about your belongings anymore; just slip on the wrist wallet and you are good to go.

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