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Italy is one of a kind

When looking for a place to travel the first thing that comes to mind is Italy or France for Europe, Brazil or Mexico for Latin America among others.

Geraldine DeRuiter from Everywhereist shares her experience in one of these places: Genoa, Italy



"It is a funny little town, even by the Genoveses’ own admission. Our friend Giordana is from there, and she noted that sometimes people in Genoa could be a little brusk, but with the exception of one diabolical hotel clerk, I found everyone to be perfectly amenable. Not as flirtatious as the Romans, who whisper “Bella, dove vai” as you walk past, or as scheming as the Neopolitans who always seem to be trying to charm you into a Faustian bargain. (Am I generalizing? Is the sin less grievous when you are speaking of your own people? Of literally the places where your mother was born and where your grandparents walked together when they were young? Maybe. I don’t know.)" she says.


You can read the rest of her story here and get a handy powerbank for your trip HERE or clicking the image below:




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