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Features of a Modern Backpack

With the booming smart technology in recent times where we find a smartphone in every other hand we pass by, the next evolution that we need to fulfill our smart needs, is a smart backpack. Yes, the definition of a good backpack has changed, and it is no longer merely a shoulder pain. Over the years, the old humble backpack has evolved from being just a place to store or carry your laptop, food and books, to a high-tech beauty with the next generation features.

Whether you are a school student, a business warrior, a travel enthusiast or you just wish for something more practical, a modern backpack with modern day amenities and features is what you need. This is a one-stop saviour that has bag solar-powered panels and built-in battery packs to never let your phone or laptop die out of battery drain, anti-theft design to protect your valuables, app connected GPS to locate themselves, so you do not lose it again and much more! 

Following are the best features of a modern day backpack that are well worth looking for while making a selection:

  • Smart Storage

One of the most important features that allow a modern backpack to be more convenient and easy-going for you is smartly organized compartments along with add-on detachable cover bags that keep all things organized so that you never run out of storage capacity. You have a separate sleeve for your laptop that hugs it tight enough to prevent jerks, numerous small pockets for phones probably USB enabled to charge your phone), separate zippers for keys, pens, cosmetics or handy valuables you need on the go, even bottle reservoir, so your water doesn't spill out, and all these in a structured order because you cannot afford to search and scavenge things out of a mess, right?

  • Weight Support

An effective modern backpack is the one that not only provides great storage for all kinds of valuables but also holds them all together without putting the pressure on your back and shoulders. Old simple backpacks with thin shoulder straps and single layer material caused discomfort to the body when fully stuffed, eventually causing serious body posture problems and pains. However, with the thick S-shaped shoulder straps made using soft spongy massage rubber foams and breathable mesh ergonomic back padding, smart backpacks distribute the weight evenly and absorb shocks to give a bouncy reaction to fight gravity and allow a stress relief journey.

  • USB Charging Port

We all carry our phones wherever we go, and with all the useful apps at our fingertips the battery sometimes doesn’t last as long as you’d like it to buts thats no longer a problem with the USB external charging port in a modern backpack. It allows you to easily charge your phone or tablet whilst you travel with the backpack on your shoulders. For this purpose, many manufacturers also provide power bank facility with a solar power panel that absorbs sun’s energy to charge itself and then charge your phones.

  • Anti-Theft Protection

Doesn't travelling with a bag with multiple zippers on the front make you vulnerable to pickpockets? No more with the smart backpack protection against these thefts. With their anti-theft design, your modern backpack must have its main compartment hidden along with the zips so that they are not easily accessible. Some top backpacks are made using a cut resistant material as the pickpockets may try to run knives or blades into the backpack and even equipped with blocking technology that locks the sleeves and prevents unauthorized access.

  • Waterproof or Water Resistant

Water resistant or spill proof material is an important feature that a modern backpack does stand out with. As modern generation moves around with electronics, it is better to keep them safe previously instead of running for a shed at the time of a sudden rainfall.

  • GPS Tracker

Not all but some of the smart tech backpacks have an inbuilt GPS tracking system that connects to your smartphone either with an app or with your account. This not only makes the backpack traceable when lost or misplaced, but also leaves you with a free mind.

  • Checkpoint Friendly

Ever passed through a TSA and heard the alarm ring just because there was a metal zipper on your bag? To save you from opening the entire luggage at the TSA and saving your time (because of course, time is precious), many backpack manufacturers have made sure that every little detail of their modern backpack is checkpoint friendly allowing you to get along the buzzer without any hassle.

  • Multi-Purpose

You know you need a laptop sleeved backpack for institutions, a durable yet spacious bulge for trekking and a stylish beauty for meetings. Buying a different bag for each occasion can be heavy on your pockets, right? That is where modern backpacks save you. A good modern backpack is an all in one bag for all your different purposes. Whether you go for hiking, gyming, shopping, traveling or to work, you have a transformable beast that is flexible enough to be used in any way.

  • Everything with Style

What is a good backpack that does not suit your look? For some this style thing may not be that big of a priority while looking for practicality in a bags, but we all know, if your backpack doesn’t go with the threads you want to wear at the important meeting, you would feel let down. A modern backpack is not only fit for making your every day comfortable and convenient, but also a compliment to your outfit. Be it be your three-piece suit or you denim, leather jacket or simple tee you bought in a cheap sale, make sure your backpack is perfect to complete your classic look.

It is as important to us as for you that what you buy is worth your money. So here, we listed the most appealing characteristics that a right backpack should have.

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