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Wrist wallets

Here we take a look at the incredible handy wrist wallet. We will explore some of the many uses of this versatile product as a well as the features the wrist wallet has to offer.

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Features of a Modern Backpack

With the booming smart technology in recent times where we find a smartphone in every other hand we pass by, the next evolution that we need to fulfill our smart needs, is a smart backpack

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Spain has great food and warm people

South Spain is noticeably different from Madrid and Barcelona. For one, the weather was at least 10-20 degrees warmer and the cities are smaller with a beautiful old town feel. The Moors held significant sway in Andalusia and their presence is still visible today in the architecture, numerous mosques and local culture. 

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Italy is one of a kind

It is a funny little town, even by the Genoveses’ own admission. Our friend Giordana is from there, and she noted that sometimes people in Genoa could be a little brusk, but with the exception of one diabolical hotel clerk, I found everyone to be perfectly amenable.

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Make learning Spanish fun!

Sometimes getting immerse in the culture allows you to speed the learning process and get fluent. After all, if you need milk and the people at the store speaks Italian you will be forced to at least remember the basics in order to complete the purchase. Javier Gutierrez, a bilingual digital marketer who currently resides in the USA, through the experience of teaching his wife Spanish developed different strategies to improve the learning curve

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